Batten down the mosquito netting
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Batten down the mosquito netting In Iraq: "Now a new wave of unexpected horror, leishmaniasis, is arriving at WRAMC – which has the only accredited leishmaniasis lab in the United States – and its dedicated docs are burning the midnight oil to find a treatment. A model predicts that 1 percent to 4 percent of our soldiers in Iraq can expect to be hit by this potentially deadly parasite, delivered by the bite of infected sand flies as common in the Middle East as fleas on a wild dog. "
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I can't remember if this is the same parasite that my girlfriend from Zambia told me about.

That one involved little bugs laying eggs under your skin. Eventually the eggs hatch, and the new borns crawl out to greet the world from holes they've chewed from the inside.

But that may have been something else. Treatment, if I recall, was fairly straightforward.
posted by alms at 12:02 PM on March 18, 2004

Nasty stuff. Here's a detailed article from the National Review and of course the CDC has broken it down.
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How are the soldiers any less protected than the natives from this, and how come it didn't happen in the last Iraq war?
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RTFA it DID happen in Gulf War I and is contracted in several asian and middle eastern countries including Afghanistan. Soldiers are so exposed because, camping in the desert, it is usually so hot they leave tents open for air, sleep in shorts, and sweat the repellant off during sleep.
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Wow, that was my most flagrant failure to RTFA yet. Sorry.
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Heh. You may be better off not reading more. I'm afraid I'll be having gross creepy itchy dreams tonight.
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One of the articles links to something saying, "DDT never hurt anyone." I find the entire article in question now.
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If you plan to eat anytime in the next couple of days,
you may wish to avoid using google image search to
look up "leishmaniasis".

You have been warned!

(take a pass on "bot fly" too - another one of the few cases where google is not your friend)
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