The dulcet tones of Tulsa Drone
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The dulcet tones of Tulsa Drone were a growing presence on the Richmond scene when I lived there...their new album is fantastic. They've been described as cinematic and noir-ish by everyone that's heard them. Make your own decisions, but I'll be listening to them on my iPod when I dump bodies in the lake under cover of midmorning fog from now on.
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nice! makes me think of what a western would be like if directed by David Lynch : >
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chinese_fashion is the best user name I have seen.
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[this is good]
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Nice find. Very Morricone. Seems quaint little Richmond has quite a scene these days, what with Mae, Denali, ENE, et al.
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very cool. i think if i were traveling and listening to this, i would be convinced i was going on an exciting adventure.
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Haven't bothered to download the samples yet, but does anyone know why they bothered to call themselves that? As a native Tulsan, I'm awfully interested.
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i like this a lot... though if I were dumping bodies, it would probably be to exhaust. mp3s here (scroll down)
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Yay for people I know getting famous!
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So every time I move to a city, you guys will post about a band there? Finally mathowie's earning those thousands of dollars I send him every month.
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Ya know, this just reminds me how much Richmond VA is one of those "bubbling-under" music hubs that not enough people talk about. So many cool bands---Friendly, Hasan Chop, Eyore Materials' crazy rekkid label----were formed there, and it had all the collegiality and influence of the straightedge DIY movement, with the drugs but without all the frenzy of the DC scene.

I don't know, Richmond's an interesting place, musically. I'm not from there, but my folks live nearby so I've been paying attention to it for the last 15 years or so. It was cool.
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