They don't like me, they really don't like me
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Its a vast left wing conspiracy! It seems that the RNC (Republican national committee) is seeing conspiracy everywhere. There are lots of stand alone groups that have been trying to get rid of this administration before Kerry showed up on the scene, and now that there is a target they want to hang everything on him. Its almost like flattery. Of course it reminds me of when SCO claimed IBM was orchestrating all the bad press about them.
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Is there a way I can read this without registering?
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I'm guessing MrLint is referring to the article "Kerry Donors Spur GOP Complaint to FEC" which can be gotten to from this Google News Page
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In an unusual move for a party traditionally opposed to campaign finance laws and government regulation, the GOP has turned increasingly to the federal regulatory system, especially the FEC, to restrict, if not silence, Kerry allies.

The "Party of Small Government", at its best.
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The linked article is an editorial entitled "In the Heat of the Campaign." You can use a login/password from

The democrats only wish they were half as coordinated as the RNC is accusing. If only! Go, the first organization that seems to really scare the pants off these guys. Moveon must be doing something right.
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We tend to think of campaign money issues in terms of total dollars collected and spent, and the side with the big donors having the advantage. But I think what the Republicans both parties fear is the sense of participation that people feel when they see their small donations at work.
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That Jim Jordan, Mr. Kerry's former campaign manager, is now advising some of the outside groups doesn't by itself constitute such evidence.

But hey, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, right? Donald? Could you weigh in about this for us?
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Is there a way I can read this without registering?

p: metafilter
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Don't forget to apostrophize.
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