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The Kingdom of Loathing. Not since Progress Quest has the world of online RPGs seen such innovation. Look out Everquest!
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The ghost of the English language looks up at you.
"You have already proven yourself literate! Go forth, then, and avenge my death!"

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Hmm. I started running progress quest without reading the comments in that thread, and I just realized it wasn't still loading, it was playing. Sad. Even sadder, it made me want to play kingdom of loathing. Fun post.
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The point of ProgressQuest is to point out the essential futility of all MMORPGs, and in a greater sense all capitalist endeavour within an existential framework.
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I like the rules of the site:
Aggravated violation of this rule will result in a fine (Meat and/or items) being levied against your character in the amount of "however much we feel like taking, you jackass." You may or may not also have your chat privileges suspended for however long we feel like suspending them.
Sounds a bit like MeFi ;-)
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See also: idleRPG
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I've been playing this for about three weeks. It's great. Any game that lets me adventure in Degrassi Knoll, build a Bitchin' Meatcar (to take to the shore), and come to the aid of the Deep Fat Friars and the Baron Rof L'm Fao has my approval.
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yay! this kol is way better than that web port of LORD I've been playing.
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ikalliom: small world, the guy that wrote idlerpg is at the desk right in front of me
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LORD! Man, how that brings back memories!
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This is just hysterical! Thanks for the link. Now...if I can just figure out how to eat the meat... ;)
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*resists responding to deja420, but only just*
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You found a gem!
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You get 3 mysticalness!

This game rocks.
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