One man, 1,240 miles.
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The Serco Transarctic Expedition: Ben Saunders is attempting the first ever solo ski crossing of the Arctic Ocean -- from Russia to Canada via the geographic North Pole without kites or dogs and without replenishing supplies. He's now about 160 nautical miles into the trek, and making daily posts about the experience.
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Via Built for the Future, where it is pointed out that the site is XHTML 1.0 Strict, validating.

Regardless of the techie stuff, it's a beautiful site for an amazing undertaking. It's fascinating to read Saunders's journal and see these daily photographs of such a bleak landscape. Simply incredible.
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I just found this site this morning at the web standards awards site! Amazing stuff, all around.
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Nice looking site, too.
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Nice site. He will never make it. It is simply too hard for one person to haul all the required food that distance across the North Pole. The North Pole makes Antarctica look like a basketball court. Moving ice flows mean you will literally be walking backwards. Ice leads open up that can take days to walk around. Ice pressure ridges create mini mountains in your path. Not to mention the ice has been disappearing entirely as of late. This feat has been attempted many many times over the past 200 years and no one, no one, has made it. It is the holy grail of exploration left on the planet and while this guys optimism is heartwarming, I just don't think he has a chance in hell.
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