and here I thought languagehat had coined the term
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Pancake Mountain presents Ian MacKaye performing "Vowel Movement" for the kiddies. As a friend said, this site has "pancakes and indie rock and bob mould as a corporate goon all in one package." [via sullivan]
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um, the site proper is here, of course.
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Alright! Its indie rock appreciation night!
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And Vic Chesnutt is in the house, among others! There's probably a proper way to click through to it, but...
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There is, but not everything in that directory is listed on the TV page! More Pancake Mountain!

Thanks micropublishery, you'd think I would have tried that with how many times I watched this stuff this week...
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For those of you that don't know, Ian MacKaye is more known for his other band Fugazi
and as the co-founder of the truely independent Dischord Records.
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.. and Bob Mould as Lead (guitarist) for Husker Du ...

.. ah !!! to hear Husker Du , The Clash and The Velvet Underground for the first time again.
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I got Vowel Edge?
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VulcanMike: Damn, that's just what I was thinking. Or there was always the hit Guilty of Being [a] Consonant...
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So, how are Pancake Mountain and Punk Voter connected? The answer is here. Go Anti-Flag...
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Pancakes in pre-Christian Easter rituals (thanks to dabitch)

' "In Bohemia, Christ was honored on Friday through Sun's Day, and then on Moon's Day they carried his Pagan rival, the Lord of Death, out and threw him into the water while singing: 

Death swims in the water, spring comes to visit us, with eggs that are red, with yellow pancakes, we carried Death out of the village, we are carrying Summer into the village." '

Where did the pancakes come from, I this the earliest known historical mention of a nascent pancake tradition which has risen to it's fullest and puffiest glory on Metafilter ?
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It's amazing how much that vowels song was like a Fugazi tune-- the structure, the quick stops, even the melody. Fun stuff!
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Fugazi are nothing but a bunch of talentless drug addicts.
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I've loved watching Ian Mackaye grow from angry kid to slightly less angry grownup. This is awesome.

Oh, to live on Pancake mountain.
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