What's an a-political artist to do?
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David Cerny: frilly pink tanks, babies climbing TV towers, and the president feeding slops to the director of the national gallery out of giant asses. Why, this could only be the NEA gone awry! Actually, it’s Magic Prague, the land of Franz Kafka and Milan Kundera, and the artist, like the dissidents of past generations, would rather not do political art , political art. His latest sculpture ridicules the perverse situation in which the country finds itself post Havel: a place where right-wingers like President Klaus and national gallery director Milan Knížák— a past collaborator with secret police, and worse, completely idiotic and banal performance artist — prosper and rub shoulders at the expense of those with a conscience and good taste. Like David Cerny. This isn’t the freshest post, but I’ve been waiting to join Mefi for a long time, and today is the first day I can post.
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I love his stuff...we gotten some of it here in NY, and this statue has been a fav for a while now...thanks! (and welcome)
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oops..messed up the link
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cool, thanks!
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Nice first post! I love Cerny as he has a wonderful sense of humor and while I did not know Knížák until now; what a waste of skin (a least judging by his "art"). I really need to get back to Prague.
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