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Start 'em young with Playmobil's Security Check-in. With conveyor belt to screen luggage and a metal detector! (Frames: Item #3172)
posted by azul (7 comments total)
Not so fast, Frenchie. No way you're bringing this pistol on board.

(By the way, your first link is broken. The administrator has been notified and will be a couple thousand more times before the night is through.)
posted by rafter at 10:20 PM on April 9, 2004

(By the way, your first link is broken...)

Sorry. :::sits in a corner:::(holding pistol)
posted by azul at 10:27 PM on April 9, 2004

Yes the gun adds a nice touch. I don't remember any of those in my Playmobil sets. But really, no shoe bombs or box cutters?
posted by efalk at 10:50 PM on April 9, 2004

And what about sex-aids, nail clippers and eyelash curlers? ALL of which I have seen folks pulled out of line for. Though, to be fair things are a lot better since the screeners have become federal employees. I wonder if it because of better training or the fact that they just don't care...
posted by arse_hat at 11:40 PM on April 9, 2004

I've been casually collecting Playmobil toys for a few years now, mainly because I love the weird variety of stuff available, from the hazmat crew to the river pirates (whose weapons would not only keep them off a plane, but allow them to arm a small revolutionary army.) A goofy, comprehensive world of fun, and relatively cheap, too--you can get individual figs for just a couple bucks!
posted by Inkslinger at 12:32 AM on April 10, 2004

Safe crackers, and the Getaway Car's text: "Escape from prison with a rope and hook. Vehicle's headlights move up and down."
posted by pekar wood at 4:11 AM on April 10, 2004

Most of the airline security people I've seen could stand to use a good 75 to 100 pounds. Wouldn't the Weebles be a better model?
posted by substrate at 6:10 AM on April 10, 2004

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