Fathi Eljahmi
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Libyan dissident Fathi Eljahmi needs our help. Adam Daifallah relays the basics of Wall Street Journal columnist Claudia Rosett's piece about Eljahmi Wednesday. (I am linking to Adam's blog because the WSJ requires registration to read.) Ms. Rosett first mentioned Eljahmi last month. Now he and his family have disappeared.
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Home: +011-218-21-360-8921, Mobile: 011-218-91-371-9129 (218 is the country code, 011 is the prefix for U.S. callers)

I keep forgetting to call during the day, just in case someone answers. timeanddate.com can tell you the local time in Tripoli. I hope we get reports of what happens when people call.
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By the way, WSJ subscribers can and should use the "send e-mail link" option to get a world-readable URL. It used to be you could put "article_email" in the URL, but no longer.
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I just called. It's about 9:00 a.m. in Tripoli. I got the same results Claudia Rosett reports -- no answer at his home number and eventually a fast busy signal, and a recording at his cellphone number followed by a fast busy signal.
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I was amazed that when I added this thread to MeFi Adam was the only Web page besides Claudia's WSJ artice to include Eljahmi's phone number. Why was this story overlooked in the blogosphere?
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