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Cat + Rabbit != Love
Flash movie.
posted by Mwongozi (19 comments total)

Double post, I think.
posted by Krrrlson at 5:47 PM on April 17, 2004

Yeah, I know I've seen it somewhere before, and I think it was here.

It's still a brilliant piece of flash though. Visual storytelling done really well. Plus I identify with the cat, and the ending makes me all happy inside.
posted by reklaw at 5:49 PM on April 17, 2004

Bah, well I couldn't find it. I declare it to be Double Post Sunday. ;)
posted by Mwongozi at 5:54 PM on April 17, 2004

See, I dunno, reklaw. If this were real, it would be stalking, and it would be criminal.

And I know, yes, it's a flash cartoon with a rabbit and a cat, but I never understood why stalking was considered 'romantic' (*cough*The Graduate*cough*), and I think things like this kind of perpetuate the 'ignore them when they're not interestted, be everywhere they go no matter what they say, and in the end you'll get them' thinking
posted by John Kenneth Fisher at 5:54 PM on April 17, 2004

Double post indeed.
posted by banished at 5:58 PM on April 17, 2004

John: it's not stalking, really... not in that context at least. It's more like "the chase", if you like, not literally following someone around but letting them know you're interested over and over again.

To be a bit sexist for a second, if the rabbit was the male in the story then it would be more creepy. As it is, the rabbit is just a sweet girl with a crush on a boy cat who thinks their relationship wouldn't work -- until he finally gives it a chance. It's a nice story and, as I kind-of-said already, reminds me of my own relationship.
posted by reklaw at 6:14 PM on April 17, 2004

Could someone tell me what that song is?
posted by MegoSteve at 8:03 PM on April 17, 2004

MegoSteve, it's track 4 on this album by the Witches. The whole album is good.

A translation of the lyrics (and Korean, if you and your computer can read it) are here.
posted by whatzit at 8:11 PM on April 17, 2004

Cat and Bunny posted by SPrintF at 9:22 AM PST
posted by Smart Dalek at 9:20 PM on April 17, 2004

Cat + Rabbit = Love!
posted by Guy Smiley at 10:07 PM on April 17, 2004

and I think things like this kind of perpetuate the 'ignore them when they're not interested, be everywhere they go no matter what they say, and in the end you'll get them' thinking

Seeing as how 86% of the critics on Rotten Tomatoes find "Kill Bill" to be a delightful piece of fiction, I think we're long past the point of requiring our art to inspire morality.

You miss the obvious which is that many times just such a scenario ends in romance. It's the grand contradiction between rules and romance. In an ideal universe maybe people would have to ask permission to kiss or touch someone in any way, but most of the time its about a subjective reading of subtle clues and "making a move". Of course this way the chances of violation and unwanted touching increase, but the other way romance is diminished to a level that almost nobody wants. To use Chris Rock's take on the dilemma:
Sexual harassment! What is sexual harassment?! What's the difference between sexual harassment and just being an idiot? I mean, if my father didn't harass my mother, I wouldn't be here! I mean, I understand some sexual harassment.. if a man is your boss and says, "Hey, sleep with me, or you're fired." That's sexual harassment. And that's the only thing that's sexual harassment! Everything else falls under "Just trying to get laid." You can't put a man in jail for that! I don't care how hard he tries, that's all he was trying to do! Anita Hill started this whole thing. It's all about looks, you know? Because if Clarence Thomas looked like Denzel Washington, this would have never happened! She'd be all, "Oh, stop it, Clarence, you nasty! Your fine self!" So, what's sexual harassment, when an ugly man wants some? "Oh, he ugly! Call the police! Call the authority!"
posted by dgaicun at 11:49 PM on April 17, 2004

God almighty... the guy devolved into an argument about homophobia over on MeTa and now we're discussing stalking and sexual harassment and gender politics because of some freaking Flash cartoon.

Get a grip.
posted by xmutex at 12:07 AM on April 18, 2004

I take back my (much) earlier comment. xmutex has his moments of glorious purity.
posted by The God Complex at 12:30 AM on April 18, 2004


Hands up anyone who looked at the URL, or, checked out other files in the temp directory (oh so very NSFW -- and probably NSFC/NSFM*)?

I think you guys are totally on the wrong track as to this little clip being about stalking.

Note the main theme of the entire cartoon is interspecies relationships. Then note the content of the site. Then note the name of the site.

(Brick falls on MeFi audience rather than lightbulb).


C = Catholic/Christian, M = Muslim. I am certain there are other religions I missed. Feel free to cascade them in.
posted by shepd at 12:55 AM on April 18, 2004

The whole album is good.
That's the part I'd like explained.
posted by johnny7 at 7:25 AM on April 18, 2004

Shepd, the original link is to a site that grabbed the .swf file for their own purposes. The original source of it is here.
posted by ursus_comiter at 10:45 AM on April 18, 2004

it's still just a cute lil bit of animated flash, about falling in love outside your "type", not a propaganda tool for promoting stalking. geez.

you know when the anvil falls on wyle coyote's head...? it's not real, eh... they're cartoons...!
posted by t r a c y at 1:20 PM on April 18, 2004

Ahhh, that makes more sense ursus. :-)

Sorry, I have a hard time taking anything near seriously when the site has the word "furry" in it. You know...
posted by shepd at 10:05 AM on April 19, 2004

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