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The Museum of Burnt Food. Celebrating the art of culinary disaster since the late 1980s.
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I don't really have anything to say about this - aside from the fact that it's kind of interesting - but I think it's really sad that no one had anything to say about this. Sorry, Kat Allison.
posted by interrobang at 10:44 PM on April 18, 2004

It was very neat - I wondered if there was a physical museum, or whether this was simply an archive of photographs. Burnt food would present a real challenge to the conservators.
posted by jb at 12:01 AM on April 19, 2004

This reminds me of Glen Baxter's series of drawings, "Great Culinary Disasters of our Time": "Filets de Caneton au Cherry Marnier (pour 2 personnes), Newport Pagnell 2/3/73" (two men seated at restaurant table, staring glumly at large mound of food), "Stewed Figs American Style, Antwerp, November 3 1974" (gigantic explosion, shards of crockery hurled into air), "Cauliflower Polonaise, New Cross, South London, September 23 1976" (shabby-genteel family grappling with large piece of chewing-gum). Alas, no images on the Internet, but they are collected in his book Atlas.
posted by verstegan at 2:08 AM on April 19, 2004

The thrice baked potato is my favorite.

I had a similar exhibit I could have submitted called "Forgotten Plate of Corn Cobs" which came about in 1998 when, attempting to make room on the one square foot of counter space in my unbelievably tiny kitchen for a buffet-style meal for six, I stuck a plate of corn cobs in the oven to get them out of the way and forgot about them until many months later when I heated up the oven for some rare moment of baking only to discover, through the billowing smoke, that months-old corn cobs should be reheated on lower temperatures.
posted by jennyb at 9:26 AM on April 19, 2004

I LOVED this link. I actually bookmarked it so it wouldn't get lost. Thanks, Kat Alllison.
posted by stupidsexyFlanders at 10:59 AM on April 20, 2004

[this is good]
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