A different kind of road warrior
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The Game. It’s 4am. In the past twenty hours you've done everything you could ever have imagined-- been chased by black helicopters, climbed mountains, been scared out of your wits, broken the land-speed record for a mini-van, agonized over the inadequate size of your cranium, jumped for joy, and told your best friend off. Everything but sleep. You won't get to do that for at least another 8 hours. A combination of scavenger hunt, road rally and mental gymnastics, The Game sends six-person teams scurrying across the landscape in vans equipped with laptops and photocopiers, maps, bibles, walkie-talkies, GPS units, cryptographic cheat sheets and, variously, wetsuits, sledgehammers and blowtorches. Sound fun? Go for it!
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This sounds pretty damn sweet.
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... The cost is $75 per person, so the minimum payment is $300 ...
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Actually, costs vary by games. There's some correlation to how elaborate and costly the clues are themselves, and to how long the Game is. Running one of these is not a small endeavour - Game Control works very very hard, and spends a lot themselves. Playing is absolutely worth the entrance fee.

Really though, the best part is how cool the other teams are.
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i've tried to get into a few of these, and the applications were meticulously ridiculous. perhaps we were too funny or not funny enough ... never had to pay any money though.
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They should market it as "24: The Home Version".
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Portland had this weird trivia night at the Horse Brass pub for years that would culminate, once a year, with the hunt for the Golden Keg.

Five or six teams of four or more players compete in an all day all drinking scavenger hunt for a keg of PBR that had been spray painted gold. Each team had a designated driver and a complimentary designated drinker. There were a variety of tasks that took you all over the city finding clues to unlock new tasks, etc. Ones that I (dimly) remember included doing aerobics in the street -- while drinking -- one block off of Hawthorne, playing quarters against the quarters champion from one of the local bars, and mooing like a cow while crawling the entire length of the Gypsy (pre buyout) and then finishing off a punchbowl.

It's all much more complicated than that, but it was a very fun, and very adult, event.

The year after I did my first one the guy who ran trivia night moved away... I've never met a more creative soul, and it would sully the idea if it weren't pulled off right.
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Sounds very similar to The Go Game, except with helicopters... HELICOPTERS?!?! What kind of budget do they run on? Do they turn a profit?

Some friends of mine were involved in the 11/02/02 Go Game in SF's SOMA and reported that much funnage was had.
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can this be as cool as it sounds?
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