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London designers Steve Mosley and Dominic Wilcox present War Bowls. The conglomeration of warriors melted together in agonizing shapes could be taken as a statement of some kind.
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I feel like I saw these bowls a while back in a magazine (readymade?), but I can't recall where (anyone?). Reminds me of these Douglas Coupland Sculptures.
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Way back when, the last time we went over to fight in the Gulf, my friend Chris made a stunning Christmas tree — maybe 30 inches high? — out of toy soldiers melted together with a propane torch. With a little Norman Schwarzkopf figure for the angel. (Unfortunately, after a few years in the closet it started to fall apart, so he couldn't use it for this war as well. (He says his Chernobyl nativity scene, from another Christmas, hasn't survived either.)
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Those are very cool.
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i love these--too bad they're so expensive. (Readymade made bowls out of old lps--did they do toys too?)
posted by amberglow at 3:57 PM on April 23, 2004

A bunch of people have been experimenting with making them on Glitter. So far the consensus seems to be that they melt the army men together *flat*, and then heat that and shape it into the bowl.
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