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World Conflicts, 1899-2001 The Nobel e-Museum Group has put together a nifty little Shockwave app that shows more than 200 "wars". An excellent use of technology to distill massive amounts of information into an easily digestible (and illuminating) starting point (obligatory explanation of exceptions and methodolgy can be found here).
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just curious if the source for this was the always good: ?
posted by specialk420 at 8:16 AM on May 3, 2004

Not as far as I know - the blog I found it on (Follow Me Here...) doesn't list a source.
posted by Irontom at 9:06 AM on May 3, 2004

This is fascinating - fascinating and scary, yes, but still fascinating. I'm interested in the ways the regions of conflict shift over the century - you can see conflict increasing in Africa, for instance.

I was wondering - how does it fit for mapping conflicts like WWI and WWII, whose destructive powers were felt far beyond their battle fields? Both myself and a friend noted that the bombing of the Lusitania was mapped, as well as the US entrance into WWI, but not the devastation on British colonies such as Newfoundland, which lost 1/2 of the men of that generation in the war.

But it is still a powerful object lesson that conflict stays with us, even if there are moments of peace in some places. It would also be interesting to see this taken back in time.
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Very cool, in a depressing kind of way.
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