19th century Parisian Avant Garde
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“Counter Culture: Parisian Cabarets and the Avant Garde, 1875-1905. Underdiscussed art movements from the 19th century, such as the Hydropathes and the Incohérents, that intellectually resembled Dada and prefigured it by a considerable amount of time. [Via 2 Blowhards]
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wonderful stuff-- i wish there was more art or photos tho : >
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interesting stuff, dgaicun. thanks. the bataille "mona lisa with a pipe" on the incohérents page inevitably reminds me of duchamp's [more recent] L.H.O.O.Q, just as bilhaud's monochrome "negroes fighting in a cellar at night" reminds me of malevich's "black square on a white field", although the former is 30 or so years older. i'm pretty interested in the surrealist and dada movements, so finding earlier analogues is pretty exciting.

unfortunately, i can't seem to find much about them on the web, although frenchculture.org has a few more pictures, and absoluteart.org has some more on the montmarte cabaret scene which nurtured the hydropathes and incohérents. i wonder if there are any decent books about them...
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There's a little more about Alphonse Allais here (mostly in French), and some examples of his paintings here (in German).
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How little we know ... or how little I knew. Thanks for this.
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Cool link. Yay, you!
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