Mac System 6
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Remember Mac System 6? If you do, then P.dro Classic™ is for you. Relive the glory days of 1 bit-per-pixel porn (it's almost life-like if you squint) and Pong-like games with the mouse! Hey, it's Friday and this is Flash. For me, it's the Startup Sound that makes this.
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For me it's the fact they have ten different machines/ips hosting the site and it's still damn near impossible to get a connection. I'd managed to coax my browser into getting the html page, but now all 10 hosts appear dead as doornails (that isn't entirely correct, the machines are still alive, it's just port 80 that's ignoring me).
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Don't forget System 7.
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Yeah, it's the startup sound. Also, the way the title bar changes on top to reflect what program you're in. I love OS X, but I love the original Systems more -- so elegant and clean. I hate the Systems in the middle that got so cluttered and pastel-looking.
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I can run all the Mac System 6 and System 7 virtual machines I want with Basilisk. It gives me a nostalgic kick once in a while to boot up an 80s-vintage virtual Mac-in-a-window. There's even a version to let you run System 7 on OSX.
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I love OS X too, but I never got that "this is so much better" feeling from it that I did when I sat down in front of a 128K Mac.

The company I was working for at the time had Macs in the training department, complete with LaserWriters. I asked to use one to do a school paper and I was hooked. I ended up buying a 512K (Fat) Mac that I then upgraded to a Mac Plus. I've never been without at least one Mac (I now have 6, including the Plus).
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What is striking to me is that I remember putting a pong game on my system 6 machine and being amused that I had this powerful new computer emulating the old Pong UHF television unit.
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gwint, Thanks, I just played my absolute favorite version of tetris (one which I thought was lost forever. I used to have it on the PC, back in the early 90s, but I haven't seen it since), on a system 7 mac - Cool!
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i don't remember system 6 having so many goddamn popup windows.
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Man, am I the only MacMeFite who loves OS X for its *nix foundation's stability, its shiny UI and its (relative to my Win2K office computer) zippy performance? Nostalgia is fine, as far as it goes, but I mean, c'mon, you're not really saying you'd prefer to work in, say, System 6.0.5 than in X, are you?!
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I still have my MacPlus at home... I need a mouse, though, as the mouse I have is one of the first ball-less mice that required a gridded mousepad... and I've lost the mousepad.

Honestly, I only boot it up to play Dark Castle... and old VideoWorks files I made during one summer of boredom.
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JollyWanker: of course not. But when all you want to do is just down a few notes, does the *nix base and eye candy really matter? My MacPlus sits on my workbench and gets used for notetaking when I'm working on projects. But for everything else, my G4 is the only thing I'd consider using.
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Hehehe... that was really neat. Now let's see them duplicate Crystal Quest! And Space Quest IV!!! :D

I love my Macs, I have 3. I used to have them all running and networked and used them all, but then we had the power crisis here in CA so I cut way back.
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*sigh* this brings back so many good memories of fun with my Mac Classic.

Thanks for the links!
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Fool! *nix base and eye candy Always matter!
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The best part was the chuk-chuck-a-chug sound of the hard drive as it boots up. Ah, misty watercolor mem'ries...
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