Voting Green where it's white?
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Voting Green where it's white? Nader's strongest showing by far is in Alaska, apparently: polls put him at 17%. Now my knowledge of Alaska is mainly drawn from Travels with Samantha, so I'm intrigued by the reasons for his support? Is it strictly the environmental issue (although plenty of people are in Alaska to exploit its natural resources) or because, as a friend said, "that's where all the crazies go?"
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I lived in AK for 5 years - I bet it's the stong independent spirit that's likely responsible for Nader's showing. Alaskans (that I have known) have a pretty strong drive to do things their own way, and to be self-reliant and responsible. Although they sway from ultra-left to ultra-right, I don't know any who are comfortable lining up with large existing parties or organizations.

Also, could be the strong wacko contingent - I wonder how Nader is doing in Montana?
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I lived in Alaska for 22 years and I would say that kokogiak is not far from the truth. There are a lot of people who do not like government at all. The further away you get from Anchorage the stronger the anti-government mentality grows.

There are also quiet a few Alaskans who would like to see Alaska become an independant nation-state.

The Green Party is also very strong in rural Alaska.
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Both comments are true so far, but let me add another possible reason why Nader is hot where it's so cold: Unions. Oh my, do the Unions love Nader and Alaska is full of blue collared workers with grease under their fingernails.

If Union management endorses a candidate then members usually follow the lead. That coupled with the independent spirit and the staunch environmentalism up there makes it a Nader hot bed. The NW is too, but not as much. Too many yuppies there nowadays.
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