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Copper is a beautifully drawn web-comic about a dog and his boy. The author Kazu Kibuishi is also about to release Flight, a highly anticipated anthology which includes the works of Derek Kirk Kim, Jen Wang, Clio Chang, Rad Sechrist, Vera Brosgol and Enrico Casarosa, all a group of artists who met over the Internet (Most links are to comics) Scott McCloud sends in a review from the year 2054.
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I saw this group's table at the APE and I was very impressed. I'm looking forward to reading the Tug McTaggart, Circus Detective story.
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The art in Copper is fantastic, the color flawless, and you can't say it lacks for imagination... but the writing doesn't do much for me, mostly. I dunno. I like the more straightforwardly pessimistic strips. The dog starts to develop a personality in the most recent strips, which is good. And I'm glad he stopped making it a direct Little Nemo homage.
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Copper, you'll never be gold.
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Some good links, vacapinta. I especially liked the Jail Break ones at Rad and some of the Coppers.
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I used to read copper, its a high quality strip. These days I prefer Achewood.
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Copper is an uncommonly beautiful comic desperately crying out for a good writer.
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It reminds me very much of Calvin and Hobbes, especially the earlier strips.

I wonder how the webhost likes having people mefi-bomb his site, loading his 200kb files one after another?
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More news and comics from Kazu Kibuishi are available at boltcity.com, including a pinup for Bill Presing's Rex Steele : Nazi Smasher, and fan art for Derek Kirk Kim's Same Difference and Amy Kim Ganter's Reman Mythology (just to name a few).
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Comic Book Resources put up previews of three of the Flight stories (besides the preview already up at the Flight site itself) and a few random pages. I especially like Brosgol's story.
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I especially like Brosgol's story.

Yeah, it reminded me quite a bit of the (excellent) anime Haibane Renmei though. Nice though. I like how (McCloud sorta mentions this) the artists in Flight appear to have adopted the subtler aspects of manga, unlike other artists that just seem to borrow the character designs and are more anime than manga influenced, such as the Marvel Mangaverse stuff.

Flight looks awesome, I'd read about it a while ago and forgotten about it. Definately picking it up.
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