CNNNN: Embedded in your heart
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CNNNN: Australia's finest news source, with the very best Newstainment around, presented by professional commentators with the aid of the CNNNN Newsband, studio audience and newsbar monkey, and advertisement support from Esteem ("because you need it") and Boggs beer ("the imported beer made right here"). Featuring new reality show Animal Farm, Bush's Slumber Down Under (let's "give him the big Dubya"), extreme news from the Firth Report, CNNNN Pay-Per-News and much, much more. [warning: RealPlayer]
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thanks, i just love this sort of stuff
posted by quarsan at 1:55 AM on June 5, 2004

A tape-and-watch-again show, partly because of the three newsbars, partly to repeat the jokes. It's good to see so much content on the site since the last time I looked.

Somewhat similar is
Clarke and Dawe
, which I've thought of posting before, but has mostly Australian references.
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