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Illlustration maker - design a cartoon image of yourself. Or someone else. Hours (or possibly minutes) of fun.
posted by Jimbob (43 comments total)
Better (requires IE). Instructions for English speakers. Lame US version that doesn't even work on IE/Mac.
posted by Kwantsar at 7:34 PM on June 10, 2004

I like it!
posted by alms at 8:01 PM on June 10, 2004

posted by interrobang at 8:01 PM on June 10, 2004

Wow, that's very accurate, interrobang. I could have picked you out of a lineup from that picture. Mine looked nothing like me.
posted by UKnowForKids at 8:18 PM on June 10, 2004

That's the best I could do.
posted by UKnowForKids at 8:24 PM on June 10, 2004

Very odd... but very fun!
posted by Robot Johnny at 8:25 PM on June 10, 2004

It, of course, looks nothing like me, however... except the big chop.
posted by Robot Johnny at 8:26 PM on June 10, 2004


Photoshop -> Filter | Pixelate | Facet


Photoshop -> Image | Adjustments | Posterize

try 16 colors.
posted by Kwantsar at 8:46 PM on June 10, 2004

posted by Evstar at 8:48 PM on June 10, 2004

Too much work. :) Almost as cool as making yourself a SouthPark character.
posted by tomplus2 at 9:09 PM on June 10, 2004

Using Photoshop filters is bound to make it look cheesy/bad. I don't think there's any one-shot solution to making a photographic image look "cartoony". (With 3D renderings, on the other hand, you can always use a cel shader.)

Here's mine (somewhat accurate):

posted by neckro23 at 9:10 PM on June 10, 2004

The girl at the very top of that page is holding a dildo.
posted by precocious at 10:07 PM on June 10, 2004

Close, couldn't get the hair right

posted by jazon at 10:10 PM on June 10, 2004

Scary accurate. I need a haircut.
posted by falconred at 10:34 PM on June 10, 2004


A/V Club - Marching Band -
Triforce Society - Ukulele League

"MeFi Seniors Rule! Go Blue!"

posted by ulotrichous at 10:58 PM on June 10, 2004

Image Hosted by

Imagine that that bottle contains beer for full effect.

I much prefer this one (although I forget which avatar-maker I used to create it) :

Image Hosted by
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 11:09 PM on June 10, 2004

I always imagined your hair as jet-black for some reason, Stavros.
posted by interrobang at 11:16 PM on June 10, 2004

...well, I did dye it black once when I lived in Edinburgh one grey inebriated winter long ago. Felt appropriate at the time. A bewildering multitude of young women named 'Julie' -- to this day I am convinced that 80% of all females in Scotland are called 'Julie' -- seemed to like it, though.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 11:23 PM on June 10, 2004

Hmm. It's kind of close, if you, uhh, squint real hard.

Robot Johnny, that could be Ryu from Street Fighter if he really let himself go..

posted by Hypharse at 11:28 PM on June 10, 2004

As a Cooper student, I always imagined RISD students to look like that.
posted by interrobang at 11:33 PM on June 10, 2004

Mangy and unwell, do you mean? Most of the student body looks healthier, but there is a certain scruffiness to us.
posted by Hypharse at 12:09 AM on June 11, 2004

Yeah. Basically like us.
posted by interrobang at 12:27 AM on June 11, 2004

...but cooler.
posted by interrobang at 12:28 AM on June 11, 2004

Kate the Monkey

Although I have to be honest and say this is what I look like right now:

Kate the Sick Monkey
Just add a bunch of bright red dots all over me and it's perfect.
posted by Katemonkey at 1:50 AM on June 11, 2004

posted by obloquy at 2:17 AM on June 11, 2004

Eerily accurate.

Now I'm a little depressed at how boring I look too. Maybe I should start walking around with a great big steak skewered on a fork...
posted by topolino at 2:28 AM on June 11, 2004


Perfect with a slightly shorter beard, and less handle on the beard.
Anyone care to guess my age and nationality.
posted by kenaman at 2:55 AM on June 11, 2004

Okay, you made me do it.
My hair isn't usually this boofy.

posted by Jimbob at 4:06 AM on June 11, 2004

You, kenaman, are 32 and you are Scottish. From Glasgow, to be exact. *sips wine*
posted by malpractice at 4:28 AM on June 11, 2004

posted by chrid at 5:27 AM on June 11, 2004

I think I accidently ended up on LiveJournal.
posted by FreezBoy at 5:39 AM on June 11, 2004

FreezBoy, in a few years it'll all be LiveJournal, as far as the eye can see.
posted by Jimbob at 5:51 AM on June 11, 2004

always carry a cat accessory.
posted by dabitch at 5:53 AM on June 11, 2004

excellent malpractice very close

Irish and about to turn 30........
posted by kenaman at 5:57 AM on June 11, 2004

rock and roll!
Relatively realistic. Though my guitar is black.

Well, our webserver seems hosed at the moment so I'm going to assume that I typed in the right URL, at least...
posted by litlnemo at 7:12 AM on June 11, 2004

These things never look like me, but the cat looks just like my Jezebel.
posted by JoanArkham at 7:21 AM on June 11, 2004

Thanksgiving is ruined.
posted by dong_resin at 8:42 AM on June 11, 2004

Me from the site Kwantser linked to:

posted by deborah at 9:33 AM on June 11, 2004

How did you do that? I keep getting prompted for a Yahoo japan ID login at or are you on windows and used the lae-o us one?
posted by dabitch at 10:44 AM on June 11, 2004

Other avatars and where to make 'em...

I had some trouble with mine, but this is close (but too young)...

posted by wendell at 4:50 PM on June 11, 2004

Oh, hell. Our web server was broken all day. Well, at least I did type in the URL correctly. The picture shows now.

I would love to see a MeFi "yearbook" page made entirely of these pics.
posted by litlnemo at 5:59 PM on June 11, 2004

Ok, good idea. I'll start by putting mine on my userpage.
posted by dabitch at 5:36 AM on June 12, 2004

That's me and my furry Russian friend Poppy (the cat that is, not the barnet).
posted by dodgygeezer at 1:13 PM on June 12, 2004

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