you can do anything at
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Ummm, its flash fryday!- and you can do anything at! Turn up your speakers and get ready to do anything! Its amazing* the skilled workmanship of flash makers these days(sarcasm*)
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Um, this isn't so much a double post as an example of how memes can be rapidly forgotten. But then the impossible is unknown with regard to some memes.
posted by shagoth at 7:28 AM on June 11, 2004 is one of the strangest sites I've seen in some time. I have no idea how these people got their cats wedged into their scanners, or why.
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you guys should check out that all your bases belong to me video! hi-lar-i-ous!
posted by chrisege at 7:42 AM on June 11, 2004 was first mentioned on Mefi here, I think, but strangely enough, never got a front page post till today. Now, all righteousness has been fulfilled.
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I find you in the morning
After dreams of distant signs
You pour yourself over me
Like the sun through the blinds
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You can do anything at Hamsterdance*.
*You must be using at least Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 4 to view the hampster dance.
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Funny, I mentioned zombo here just a few days ago and it doesn't show up in the search.

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OK, everybody, read and memorize this thread. There will be a test.
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This cat is Genius.
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Exceptionally good Flash site.

The Tramping Ground.
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Replace "zombo-com" with "law school" for a hearty laugh.
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These days? The Wayback Machine has Zombo all the way to at least 1999.

Unchanged, I might add.
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from the lost gerbil tavern, (s/b required reading for potential mefites) over 3 years ago:
sunday, mar 25, 2001
this is
you can do anything at
"the unattainable is unknown at"
quonsar at 3:33 pm
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It's really trippy when you open up Zombo on like three browsers at the same time.
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Fark Photoshop competition: What can you do at Zombocom? From a week ago.
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Three browsers? Try this with a few dozen. That thread is genius, languagehat.
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DOH! Link.
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Anyone remember gabocorp?
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