Energy Dreams and Energy Realities
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Interesting dissection of US energy/environmental politics and policy along conservative/liberal lines: "We are, it seems, always in some kind of energy crisis, real or imagined. Some worry that our major sources of energy are about to run out. Some despair that our energy-hungry civilization is destroying the natural world. Some believe our quest for energy is driving us into unnecessary wars and unsavory alliances. And some lament that excessive regulations on energy development are crippling the American way of life. When it comes to energy politics, there is no shortage of alarmism, conservative and liberal alike." The conclusion was sorta weak tho, I thought :D [via J. Orlin Grabbe - NSFW!]
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Energy production has been a triumph of technology over nature—turning decayed 300-million-year-old plants into useful fuel;

And I stopped reading, nature already did the work for us!
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