Setting a trend?
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Rowland resigns. Today Connecticut Governor John Rowland(r) offered his resignation in response to the impeachment proceedings. The investigation comes after allegations of gifts, bribery and corruption in regards to awarding Government contracts. He's the first Connecticut Governor to resign under circumstances such as these. Here's a general timeline of the events that created need for the impeachment.
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While I fully believe he should have resigned, I wonder what percentage of elected officials we'd have to impeach if we really looked into bribery.

In my experience, no small town mayor would be safe, and I'm guessing it's not too different on the state or federal level. I highly doubt that one highly-publicized case like this will do much to discourage illegal activities that have been in wide use for centuries. I'm not sure it'll be worth it to the people of CT - how many governors (not to mention our esteemed president) won't give preference in government contracts for being wined, dined, and gifted?
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Good riddance to Rowland, and hopefully Pataki's next.
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From the timeline: Dec. 17: Rowland delivers speech in Middletown asking for forgiveness, but his wife, Patricia, reads controversial poem criticizing the media.

'Twas the night before Chrsitmas. Patricia Rowland style.
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what a perfect day to live in the state of CT.
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...also known as Corrupticut. The mayor of my former home has his problems too. Boy am I glad I live in civilized New York, now. :)
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and now for the obligatory, "Why do you hate America?" statement, just to get it outta the way.
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That would be "why do you hate Connecticut?" here, I think. Good riddance to bad rubbish, and don't let the door on the state house hit you on the way out.
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Well, at least Gov. Rowland had sense enough to resign when he got caught breaking the law, rather than wearing impeachment as a badge of honor.....
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Well, at least Gov. Rowland had sense enough to resign when he got caught breaking the law, rather than wearing impeachment as a badge of honor.....

You're reaching.
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and of course, that would mean that Bush is resigning tomorrow, right?
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no, for God's sake -- Uncle Dick will become President, then
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I wanted to see an impeachment trial. :(

Meet Jodi Rell, our next governor and the 26th woman to hold the top post in a state government. She's pretty cool. For a Republican.
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Setting a trend?

Care to elaborate?
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Well, at least Gov. Rowland had sense enough to resign when he got caught breaking the law, rather than wearing impeachment as a badge of honor.....

Yeah, but he cost the taxpayers of CT 12 million dollars in "impeachment money" before the threat of testifying and federal prosecution scared him off. Jerk. He did almost nothing for this state, unless you were a contractor. Basic services slashed, shopping malls built!
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Care to elaborate?

Not much to elaborate on, just a pipe dream of mine. After my limited look at the political scene, we need to clean house pretty much all around. From the grumbling all around, there aren't many politicians out there trying to help the people over helping themselves. It's not directed at any one politician in particular. That, and I didn't want to repeat 'Rowland resigns' or something along that line again.
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I may be getting my corrupt governors mixed up, but haven't there been calls for him to resign over this for over a year?

He waited until the courts ruled against him and then resigned. Clinton waited until the congress ruled in his favor and didn't resign. I mean, might as well carry the analogy through...
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'Tis a good state. The Bridgeport mayor got taken down on corruption charger and the Waterbury mayor is in prison for "violating the civil rights of two young girls by sexually abusing them, and using a cell phone to set up the encounters."
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I thought you had to get a bj in order to qualify for impeachment.
Or at least wet a cigar.
What is this world coming to when a good GoOPer can't accept bribes and help his buddies?
Damn liberals!! Why do they hate America? (twice for proper pre-emption)
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Joey: Indeed, these proceedings have been dragging on for well over a year. Clearly, he should have resigned earlier and no-one was fooled by his claims to innocence, but would you give up without a fight? Of course, the state was basically without a government for a year because of this, as Rowland had the political equity of a hamster after his improprieties were revealed. Had he actually cared more about what's good for the state than what's good for himself, as he claimed to, he would have left months ago.

As a former permanent and current temporary resident of CT, I'm kinda sad to see him go. For all his obvious and reprehensible corruption, he was, in my opinion, one of the best implementers of 'compassionate conservatism' out there. He was elected on the promise to eliminate the state income tax, which he obviously couldn't do, but he did manage to lower other taxes, while at the same time eliminating wasteful spending and investing heavily in urban renewal projects in CT's inner cities (yes, even we have a couple). And to me that's the essence of 'compassionate conservatism' and generally reflects the ideology of most people in the state (social liberals and fiscal conservatives): Judicious taxing and judicious spending on results-oriented projects; and it worked, for a time.

Of course, all that is pretty easy when you are juiciously taxing the richest state in the nation, per capita. Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled Connecticut, GOP, and rich white guy bashing.
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Don't sweat it, chasfile. nofundy blames the vast-right wing conspiracy when he loses a quarter in a payphone.
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I wonder what percentage of elected officials we'd have to impeach if we really looked into bribery.

I've no idea, but can we get started immediately?
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Two words for you jonmc: FUCK YOU!!

(And that high horse you rode in on? I'll fuck it.)

You have soooo little right to diss ANYONE.
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Again with the horse fucking...
posted by thirteen at 12:58 PM on June 22, 2004

Ah's glad ah rides a alligator.
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jonmc, pull your head out and at least let someone know they've been called out in MetaTalk. Shit, man, I thought you knew better than that ...
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And then there's this guy.

Seems the Illinois senate candidate's divorce includes charges from his wife, Star Trek hottie Jeri "Seven of Nine" Ryan, saying he took her to
"a bizarre club with cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling" and urged her to perform sex acts in public so that others could watch.

Woo - hoo.

Give that man a cigar.

What kind of moron runs for the GOP nom knowing that kind of thing is out there in the public record? The GOP is publicly standing by him but reports say they are livid and trying to force him aside.

The latest on a much more entertaining scandal.

What's the under/over on Obama these days?
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Ah, yes, well I see this is on the front page now. Never mind. / Litela.
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