... and so everyday at dawn the Twin Pushers return to their ancestral island
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Twin Pushers and Other Free Flight Oddities. "For years, twin pushers were the dominant form of competition model. The format was discovered well before the first world war and remained common until the  mid thirties." Dannysoar excavates a lost model airplane format, and goes on to look at Mystery Biplanes, The Airplanes of Things to Come, Miss Auto Gyro Across the Channel Day, and other winging things, in great and pleasingly eccentric abundance. Klick the Klicker!
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Outstanding. Great links!
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Agreed, best post in a long, long time :) Thanks mwhybark
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news filter news filter news filter and then the transporter telephone and these way cool planes in the one day. My faith in metafilter is restored. :) I think trying and making one of these ought to while away a nice chuck of Saturday afternoon. Wonderful.
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These wondrous craft call to mind the Great Airship Mystery.

They also remind me of other unconventional pioneers of the air.

Watch the skies! Keep watching the skies!
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I love these things. I built a monstrous Fokker Dr1 from a balsa kit years ago, with tissue paper and dope, that my friend promptly smashed on first flight. These look far less demanding, and far more enjoyable. I think I'll download some of these plans and build 'em.

Thanks muchly for the links. Awesome find!
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SPrintF, thanks a lot for the Airship Mystery links - I'd sort of forgotten about that episode and I appreciate the material!
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