Miss Deja Vu
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Here She Is, Miss Deja Vu (and Miss Illinois) Michelle LaGroue, 2004. Also Miss Illinois in 2002 (she was First Runner Up and assumed the crown when Erika Harold won Miss America). I know nothing of the world of pageants, but this seems way bigger than that whole 'president of beers' thing. Is Rachna Khatau mad about comming in First Runner Up? "No way. I've had a smile on my face the past two days." BTW, the most notable former Miss Illinois lately is Jeri Lynn Zimmerman, 1989, but now better known as Jeri Ryan. Yup, that Jeri Ryan.
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When it comes to royalty, there is really only one dejah, no vu's about it.
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The sneaky thing here is that, while you may be able to win a state pageant more than once, you can only compete in Atlantic City one time. So, whatever happens, she won't be doing this again, anyway.
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Well, she's pretty well assured of not winning. Her talents seem limited to the art/dance/song world, and that's more what the Miss USA pageant looks for (as well as big bazoombahs). Miss America has really been concentrating on having women in scientific fields or pursuing advanced degrees - a Wheaton College educated ballet teacher just won't cut it.
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Oops, sorry I screwed up that first "Miss Illinois" link above. The link to the official "Miss Illinois Scholarship Program/Pageant" website is http://www.missil.org.
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She was also Illinois' Junior Miss several years ago.
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Miss Illinois' appearances fees are eligible for reimbursement under the Drug-Free Schools Program

Well that's a relief. It's good to know that at least some of those billions being spent in the War on Drugs is going to a worthy cause.
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