Nixon's the One??? (from 1968-Decisions)
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The Living Room Candidate --more than 250 political ads aired on TV since 1952 covering each election from Stevenson/Eisenhower thru 2000 (in wmp or real formats). And, as an added bonus, the Desktop Candidate, covering web ads for this election cycle. All brought to you by the American Museum of the Moving Image
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[Excellent link]
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Transcript of "Hopeful", 2000

BUSH (casual): I think there's a lot of cynicism today in America because of broken promises.
[supertext: Governor George W. Bush]
BUSH: I believe most people expect the best out of elected officials and when elected officials disappoint them it creates a cynical environment. Secondly, I believe oftentimes campaigns resort to mud-throwing and name-calling, and Americans are sick of that kind of campaigning. What they want to hear is what's on the candidate's minds, and where the candidates' hearts are. I'd like to run a campaign that was hopeful and optimistic and very positive.
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The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas has a special exhibit of the Living Room Candidate's stuff up on Floor No. 7. It just started on Friday, runs until the end of January, IIRC. I can't wait to go check it out.
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