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This is the first presidential election where the power of personal computers have been put to use by large numbers of amateurs to create their own ads, cartoons, and multimedia political statements. Some are ridiculous, some are inventive, and some are well, amateurish, but they are all done by people trying to express their political views in a way that may seem to make more of a difference then by casting a ballot. I know that the links I've posted are anti-bush slanted, but to be honest they are easier to find...
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Considering how Scott Bateman is syndicated in about a hundred papers across the country, I'd love for my own work to be as "amatuerish" as his.
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See also Convince Your which I think is such a great concept (probably because I've spent the past 2 weeks trying to do just that). If everybody picked out one Bush supporter in their immediate circle of acquaintances and tried to break through the hazy of talking points and barely remembered news stories, think of the difference it would make.
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Considering how Scott Bateman is syndicated in about a hundred papers....

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> Bateman Editorial Cartoons: Syndicated to over 400 newspapers nationwide including the New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Post, Newsweek and many other fine, fine publications. Updates daily, Monday through Thursday.

Not that anyone's counting. ;-)

Note that while there's plenty of Flash ads coming from the professional end of things, the wildfire GOP Convention, Condensed Version mash-up was an amateur editing job.

It isn't really that hard to find anti-Kerry stuff, either; in some ways the wingnuts have been in this game a lot longer, with Rush Limbaugh and Drudge happily highlighting efforts even as they produce their own. There's the stuff put out by, for instance (if you want, you can read an original novel about an alternate timeline where Gore won in 2000 -- hey, wait a minute, that's THIS timeline). Anyway, there's tons of this sort of stuff (some obviously financed by 527s or promotion for other materials such as anti-Kerry books) available at
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His style is affected amateurish, thank you very much.

By the way, don't open all the links at once. It makes for a migraine inducing melange.

Through any medium possible, people are expressing their utter distaste for Bush. Sure, its easier to find slams against him, he's been in charge longer and screwed things up more.

I thought JibJab was cute but useless. The SlamBush rhyme competition was awesome. Thanks for linking to that alone.
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I reckon the You Forgot Poland site is pretty funny.

But it is very new... and I'm easily amused.

(Discussed here.)
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Although it's in Rolling Stone now (?) didn't Get Your War On start as an amateur web comic?
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