Photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson dies
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Photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson dies.
Henri Cartier-Bresson was a huge influence in my life and career as a photographer. Proponent of The Decisive Moment (sample), The Decisive Moment (description). He also co-founded the Magnum Photos agency with Robert Capa and David Seymore. Check out the Retrospective.
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We spent an entire class in college talking about that puddle picture.

While preparing this post I have gained even more respect for the man... "During the Second World War he was taken prisoner by the Germans and escaped" and "the first western photographer to photograph freely in the post-war Soviet Union. "
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Cartier-Bresson is an amazing documentarian whose images I've always found to be simultaneously enchanting and haunting. More than several generations of photographers, including myself, owe much of their inspiriation to him.

And as I look through his retrospective, I can't help but think that he must have had an unusual and colorful life..
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This is a nice article about him as well. Too bad that I can't seem to find any of his paintings on the web. It should be interesting to see what he does with paint, with his extraordinary eye.
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RIP, HCB--the patron saint of aspiring street shooters and Leica fondlers worldwide. In addition to being an astonishing photographer himself, of course.
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he was wonderful--and incredibly influential. RIP
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Ā«Le plus aristocratique des anarchistesĀ»

adieu Henri
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Such a shame he stopped taking pictures.

Also, do you know he withdrew the famous picture of the little boy with the wine bottles from distribution? Apparently he'd become friends with the boy and no longer felt it "appropriate". I know because we tried to buy it earlier this evening.

I'm very, very sad he's gone.
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Traveling through Arkansas doing what his images inspired me to do and now he's gone. I feel sick. His death reminds me of my own mortality because of the thing we shared in common: the love of making images.

Hopefully he's enjoying a glass of red wine with Capa wherever he is now.
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Some of the tributes are dreadful, but many are surprisingly poignant given the context of HCB's death. He was an inspiration to many.
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