The Battle for Najaf
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The Battle for Najaf -- a first-hand account by the only Western reporter in Najaf as major fighting broke out this week.
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Oh great, it's the CSM. Get some balls, international press corps.
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Here is a high-tension report from a US serviceman in Mosul at about the same time. He has one heck of a Blog.
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US military spokesmen claim to have killed 300 fighters over the past two days of fighting. We've seen hundreds more, and there are possibly thousands left in the shrine area and the cemetery.

..fighting has also broken out in Baghdad's Shiite neighborhood of Sadr City, as well as in Basra, Nasiriyah, and Amara and other Shiite cities and towns. The Mahdi Army fighters say the uprising is just beginning.
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So will the US mainstream media now continue to ignore this new, "improved" Iraq which seems exactly like the old Iraq (except that an ex-US CIA Director is now Minister of Information) ?
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Nice link, Kablam, thanks.
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Riverbend: Clashes and Churches...
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