Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
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another comprehensive article
posted by moonbird at 1:22 PM on August 25, 2004


Damn it.

Anything but that.

What a bummer.

Guess it happens to the best of us.

Thanks, Dr. Kubler-Ross.
posted by padraigin at 1:42 PM on August 25, 2004

padraigin haha, that was good.

what a great contributor to the well being of humanity Kubler-Ross was. really, where would we be without the understanding her 5 stages of grief gave us...? her theory found practice all over the spectrum of human experience... dealing with things like divorce, for example.

thanks indeed, Doctor.
posted by t r a c y at 1:52 PM on August 25, 2004

What would she say now, having had the full experience?
posted by semmi at 2:40 PM on August 25, 2004

Dr. Hibbert: Now, a little death anxiety is normal. You can expect to go through five stages. The first is denial.
Homer: No way! Because I'm not dying!
Dr. Hibbert: The second is anger.
Homer: Why you little!
Dr. Hibbert: After that comes fear.
Homer: What's after fear? What's after fear?
Dr. Hibbert: Bargaining.
Homer: Doc, you gotta get me out of this! I'll make it worth your while!
Dr. Hibbert: Finally, acceptance.
Homer: Well, we all gotta go sometime.
Dr. Hibbert: Mr. Simpson, your progress astounds me.
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[Dr. Kubler-Ross] seemed ready to experience death, saying: "I'm going to dance in all the galaxies."
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[Dr. Kubler-Ross] seemed ready to experience death, saying: "I'm going to dance in all the galaxies."

On the other hand, "Her claims that she had evidence of an afterlife saddened many of her colleagues, some of whom believed that she had abandoned rigorous science and had succumbed to her own fears of death."

What stage would that be, the third, fourth, sixth, or seventh, or all of them at once?
posted by semmi at 5:34 PM on August 25, 2004

It is delightful to having gone away for some two weeks and to find that the same witty responses are to be found. Odd that no one has mentioned how her late views on death differed from her early work on the stages of death.
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A Romenesko letter writer submits an obit hed he'd like to see:

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross dies
Really? Darn! What if... Sigh. OK.

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posted by KevinSkomsvold at 6:38 PM on August 25, 2004

I find it very bizarre that after Dr. Kubler-Ross began researching the possibility of an afterlife, demonstrating the same iconoclasm that drew her to death research, her clinics were twice burned to the ground by arson.

I'm exhibiting my own prejudices here, but I'd expect a person to draw kooks for challenging religious dogma, not challenging atheism.
posted by rcade at 7:04 PM on August 25, 2004

I found her early research to be very interesting, I believe that I've seen the stages in action and thus I think it's a good observational theory. I haven't really read anything about her later research, as I really thought she died decades ago.

And padraigin, that was brilliant. :)
posted by dejah420 at 8:48 PM on August 25, 2004

C'mon, raise your hand if the way you really learned about her work was "All That Jazz". C'mon...everyone...
posted by LairBob at 9:38 PM on August 25, 2004

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