The Colombia you don't know
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The Colombia you don't know. Sure, we all hear about the drug trade and the violence. Unfortunately this overshadows a lot of the good things about the country. There's a lot of Colombia outsiders don't see. Like the Caño Cristales, the five-colored river. [more inside]
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Several of my coworkers are grad students from Colombia. From what they tell me the whole region, the Serrania de la Macarena, is amazing, but is also fairly unsafe, limiting the tourist draw. It's too bad. Colombia has quite a bit more to share with the world than coffee and coca.
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That's pretty damn cool. Thanks.
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Absolutely gorgeous. It's very rare that I click on every single photograph in a given link. The And those little green must have loved those.
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Columbia is a wonderland, and its people are the salt of the earth. Thanks for the links.
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I just wish I could go without be terrified for my life.
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Colombia's hallucinagenic beauty and dreamlike literature surpass the effects of all the horrid, prosaic little drugs that have turned it into a byword for disorder and murder. Let's legalize the stuff in the north, and let this nation get on with its life.
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look softies, colombias going down big time
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On a trip I took through northern South America (Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru) in the early 1990s, Colombians were by far the nicest folks. Almost like there were determined to disprove what they imagined as their international reputation.
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