Give me the Oscillation Overthruster!
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How to build yourself a Glow Discharge Panel. No, really. Woah, that's freakin' cool. UFO stuff, I think to myself. Heh. Oh.. Oh holy crap!
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Put the needle on the record, Buckaroo! Tons more here. Mad scientists rule.
posted by loquacious at 3:33 PM on August 30, 2004

I love the jump in difficulty in the instructions there.

1. First, place a piece of tape around the styrofoam.
2. Next, wrap some common household wire.
3. Now, as seen by this multi-phase circuit chart, acquire the appropriate amplifiers (make sure to use the right Ohms!)
posted by XQUZYPHYR at 4:19 PM on August 30, 2004

LOL, I noticed the same thing, xquzyphyr!
posted by PigAlien at 4:24 PM on August 30, 2004

this is cool! now, all I need to do is scrounge up a spare ignition coil and a BUZ11 ...
posted by hattifattener at 12:41 AM on August 31, 2004

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