A large collection o' more on the CueCrap.
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A large collection o' more on the CueCrap. Some very nice points in this one... "I don't want it, how do I send it back?" "You can't send it back; keep it and do whatever you want with it." "You threatened me for 'doing what I wanted with it'."
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I'm not worthy! Great site.
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I hooked up my Cat last night and scanned a couple of UPC's with the help of this site. I have yet to see a license agreement, much less agree to one. There doesn't seem to be any sort of printed license agreement in the baggie Radio Shack gave me, and I haven't bothered to use the CD.
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Yeah; I was *real* surprised by the collection of symbologies this thing speaks, speaking as someone who's ever *heard* the word 'symbology' before. :-)

The link to Stephen Satchell's site is good mining, too.
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My favorite two CueCat links to date:

How to disable the barcode encryption, making your CueCat into a run-of-the-mill barcode scanner with pure ASCII output.

If you received your CueCat free in the mail, Digital Convergence cannot restrict your use of it in any way; turns out that there are very specific laws that govern uses and rights when it comes to free gifts sent using the postal service.

Can anyone say bankruptcy?
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Well, someday, anyway.
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