October 7, 2000
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If anyone is (or will be) in New York and have nothing else planned for this evening, may I suggest a trip to the Brooklyn Museum of Art. BMA is free on every first saturday of the month (from 5 PM - 11 PM). Today's theme for the evening entertainment revolves around their special exhibition, Hip-Hop Nation: Roots, Rhymes and Rage. There will be an outdoor dance party (at the BMA parking lot) starting at 9 PM featuring samples from 20 years of Hip-Hop music. You can also walk through their current exhibitions, of which the Robots and Space Toys seems promising.
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check out this Voice article about a police brutality piece that was excluded from the show.
posted by sudama at 10:04 AM on October 7, 2000

"They made it a breakdance festival. That, to me, is insulting. There's a lot of pain that's not reflected in this display." - Village Voice Article -

Breakdancing???? What are back in 1983?
Hip-Hop is about life in the street... the good & the bad.

Are they expecting people to see this exhibit to not know about police brutality? They should show it all or change it to "Roots, Rhymes and Rage Mildly Upset Stuff." You can't water down this stuff.

Speaking of 1983, I wonder if Bushwick Bill's going to be there. I used to hang out with him back then.
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I meant: "What are we back in 1983?"
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Tamim, thanks for this post. I went and had a good time upstairs. B-boys get mad props.

Otherwise, it was really bland. Weren’t they playing an MTV documentary?
posted by capt.crackpipe at 4:51 PM on October 8, 2000

Unfortunately, I had to stay in and do some research work. I was less motivated to drag myself to Brooklyn since none of my friends, including those who live in Brooklyn, showed any interest in going.

I went to the First Saturday in August. I enjoyed the galleries more than the "special events." I came home and wrote a 4500-word email to a friend about the Maxfield Parrish and Coming of Age in Africa exhibits. One of these weekends BMA is (was) supposed to show the movie version of the classic Princess Bride. I might try to go then.
posted by tamim at 9:33 PM on October 8, 2000

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