austin animators extraordinaire
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From surreal and scathing political satire to muisc videos such as Molotov's hot latin Frijolero and David Byrne's The Great Intoxication, Austin's Jason Archer and Paul Beck are producing some great animation. (large flash and quicktime clips) - via snarky malarkey
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...the horrors - that would be "music" - sorry for the typo.
posted by madamjujujive at 8:35 AM on October 11, 2004

Excellent stuff. Thanks, MJJJ!
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I'm really enjoying the State of the Union, link. Thanks!
"dear daddy ... ... ... dear daddy ..."

"I don't want to play football until I can play with you again someday"

(beachball bounces in seats)
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ooo, that Homeland Hoedown is excellent!

semi-related: great animation (in an entirely different style) in this Adem video for These are Your Friends (real)
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Wicked---the Molotov song is freaking hot, to boot! Danko!
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