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Bush Junta: A Field Guide to Corruption in Government - A substantial visual document (200 pages of comics from Fantagraphics, fact-checked with an extensive bibliography; the link goes to a number of sample pages) on the Bush Dynasty, from its beginnings benefitting off of Hitler and WW2 (that entire piece, which is printed in english, is posted in its original dutch online here), to the Bush's connection to Reagan's assassination, CIA and Iran-Contra, ending with the unsettling origins and profiles of the current administration. A great election primer, featuring comics and art by Steve Brodner, Ralph Steadman, Spain Rodriguez and many others. (Amazon link provided for a better description)
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The link says "coming in September" but I just picked up my own copy at a local chain this weekend, and it's great. Forgive the Pepsi Blue, but I was really blown away (educated surprised motivated enraged etc) by this whole thing, particularly the David Paleo piece on Hinkley and Bush Sr. (two more links - here and here)
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I can't vouch for any of the authenticity of the allegations, but I can for the strength of the artists. These guys all produce top quality stuff, so I'm sure this book is really interesting. There's something about comic journalism that really succeeds at telling stories in both a credible and personal way. You feel as though the artists really have a handle on what's going on, and also care about the topic.
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Some powerful stuff here (this Ashcroft piece, for one)
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the Bush's connection to Reagan's assassination

I take it they mean 'attempted' assassination....unless Ronnie was assassinated with a slow-acting Alzheimer's pathogen.
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dash, they got to you too?!
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'attempted' assassination

Yes, typo. d'oh! Sorry bout that. That would be my fault.

From my first read through I can tell you there's very little tinfoil hat, and lots of wonderful bare-knuckle fact. Great jokes, too, like a diagram of every gesture Donald Rumsfeld uses to talk with his hands, stuff like that.

The truths (or I believe them as true at least) discussed in the book are pretty interesting. The Bush-Hinkley connection's my favorite. And Prescott Bush's very documented links to the nazis, etc.

Why this sort of thing is never discussed by the larger media during a re-election campaign, or in any campaign with any Bush figure, is beyond me.
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thanks, Peter H, I hadn't heard about this. Cool.

For some up-to-the-minute commentry from cartoonists: How's Bush Doing?
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alternate discussion of this FP post and the
contents of this book over at ye ol' metatalk

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[this is good]

Didn't know about this book, some great artists I admire in it. I'll have to pick it up. Thanks.
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Metatalk! - Oh boy, another opportunity to showcase the increasingly well substantiated Bush family - Nazi link !

Whoo Hoo !
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This is great, I've remember hearing about it when the project was in the planning stages, but I'd totally forgotten about it in the interim. I think it's a great use of the comic format, and an interesting cultural experiment in information virology.
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