The GOP just spammed me.
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The GOP just spammed me. I received an email sent supposedly on behalf of "Jim Nicholson, Chairman, Republican National Committee" inviting me to become an "eChampion":

Once you've registered as an eChampion, you will receive fact-filled e-mails twice a week on the upcoming election, the candidates' stands on issues, etc. Your role as an eChampion is to send these e-mails on to AS MANY friends, neighbors and family members as possible, and invite them to register as eChampions themselves at

No, I didn't opt-in to some Republican mailing list. For a start, I'm Canadian, in Canada, and if I was going to vote for a right-wing wing-nut, it would be Stockwell Day. Talk about "idea viri"...
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report them to spamcop.

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I got a snail mail letter with a Republican National Committee "Victory 2000" membership card. It came with a little "Dear Governor Bush, here is my contribution to help you fight off the Democratic forces of darkness and make the world safe for your rich nutcase friends." letter that I was supposed to send it.

I will say, it did get me to act.

It got me to act highly goofy for about half an hour, calling all my friends in hysteria.

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I got the same thing. They've got my vote!
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Neale, we all know you're a strict Tory.
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But Dan, you have to remember that in Australia, the water twists the other way down a drain AND the Conversative party is liberal while the Liberal Party is conversative (and I think Labour are Nazis or something).
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Steven Den Beste has a very well put together essay on what to do about spam. I successfully wrecked havoc on a few domains with his information. Although, I doubt the FTC will actually take serious action against the Republican party. It's worth a try, anyway.
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