Relax, it's all in your mind.
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Mindball is a game where two players control a ball with their brain waves. The player being most relaxed wins the game. (Vids in the promotional material section.) Via the supercool Sensory Impact: The Culture of Objects blog.
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See also the Wild Divine Project.
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Why control a ball? Why not attempt to pour a virtual shot of Ol' Janx Spirit into your opponent's virtual glass? (At which point, the loser has to down a real spirit, and perform some obscenely biological forfeit.)
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Here's what I envision: One of those swank EEG headbands hooked up to a sort-of Speak N' Spell device that contains a broad catalog of naughty words and phrases. You wear this device around your neck like a piece of bling, and as you go about your business in normal Beta brainwave state, the box spews out unrelenting chains of Tourettic cussing. It slows down only as you relax and transition through the nine levels of Alpha awareness, until you hit Theta. At that point the device let's out a satisfied, "Ohhhhh, SHIIIIIT!" and turns itself off.
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i played this at next fest in san francisco. it's really fun! the ball tends to go back and forth quite a bit since you get excited when you start to win and thereby start to lose and so on.

you can also play that you want the ball to come toward you, so whoever is more excited wins. it was fun to watch people try to *ahem* excite themselves.
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this reminds me of a star trek episode with Ashley Judd, where they all got addicted to a game. I'd love to try it tho.
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