One man, one vote.. well sort of!
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Democracy Republican style.
Greg Palast's film will be broadcast by Newsnight on Tuesday, 26 October, 2004 by the BBC. You can also watch the show from the BBC website, either live or on demand for 24 hours after originally broadcast, by clicking on the latest programme button.
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Brought to you by the pre-eminent authority on Florida voting scandals. Palast rocks!

And to think this is only one tiny element of the entire scheme unfolding in Florida and Ohio and South Dakota, etc.

Power by any means.

How sad.
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Thanks DrDoberman, I'll be able to watch this later.
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note: the above statement does not advocate violence in any way, shape or form, and particularly does not advocate the use of kiln-hardened clay applied with extreme force to the facial area of members of any specific political party.
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It seems that Bush campaign workers accidentally sent the two emails mentioned in the article to addresses instead of addresses.
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"What would have happened if no blacks had voted in 2000? "

I wonder when someone will speculate the missing white vote.
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And that's the BBC's Newsnight. Don't expect Aaron over at CNN's Newsnight to run with this story any time soon.
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The Writings of Greg Palast:

"Most voters in Ohio thought they were voting for Kerry. CNN's exit poll showed Kerry beating Bush among Ohio women by 53 percent to 47 percent"
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