Georges Bataille
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Georges Bataille. Librarian, surrealist, archivist, writer of works on subjects ranging from economics to the erotic. Father of the notion of transgression as a positive force. Frequently name checked and sometimes very confusing. And at this festive time of year, we may also remember his ideas on the gift.
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Bataille was a cheap, obscurantist scatophile.
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Hey, that reminds me: aren't they making a movie version of the Story of the Eye? Can't wait...
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The critical exploration of The Eye is brilliant and leaves out but one thing: the book is a total bore.
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My favorite Bataille story is that he saved Walter Benjamin's archive of the Arcades Project, a great and wonderful book, from the Nazis during WW2. He did this by taking the notebooks and simply placing them on a shelf in the National Library in France. Perhaps he had read enough Poe to know that no one ever looks in the really obvious places.
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When I first came across Bataille (early youth) I was..., well, shocked. But soon his writings became an early way of realizing how limiting conventionality is.
Bataille's Wars is an interesting read I recently came across in Critique of Anthropology. (Great to see this FPP)
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I don't know if I'd go as far as to say he's a "cheap, obscurantist scatophile," but I definitely have some problems with him. In his book On Nietzsche (a thouroughly un-Nietzschean book with its obsession with guilt among other things) he talks about his fear (and it seems his obsession) of going insane - but then he has the nerve to be extremely condescending in his description of Antonin Artaud. The only redeeming thing about his work is his economic stuff (ie The Accursed Share). The rest of his stuff though is really unessential IMHO.
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