bone art
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Get boned.
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those crazy ferners.
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Someone once sent me a postcard from the ossuary. I think I lost it, though.
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Damn that's nice. I went through Kutna Hora about two months ago, probably could've walked to Sedlec.

Ossuaries balance nicely between morbid and fascinating. Some really good shots in there, too, even in the unsorted images folders.
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See also: Santa Maria delle Concezione in Rome, Italy.
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I went to Kutna Hora in 2002 and made a point of stopping at the ossuary in Sedlec on the way there. It was really cool. Oddly enough, I did not feel grossed out at all.
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Also here.
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I found out about the Sedlec ossuary either just before or after I found out that work was taking me to the Czech Republic for a couple weeks. That immediately became the primary purpose of the trip (work? whatever ...). My girlfriend and I spent a week total exploring that area and Prague and Vienna (one of my patented high speed tours, obviously). It was December 1998 and bitterly cold, at least to these now-spoiled Georgia bones. But the ossuary was flat out fantastic. That chandelier is astounding. Sorry I can't describe more, I'm in the middle of something else right now, was just taking a quick mefi break ....
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Looks like it's a great place for a necromantic getaway.
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There is this medieval silver mine in Kutna Hora that you can take tours through as well. It was abandoned centuries ago when it flooded and rediscovered something like 50 years ago. Goes incredibly deep but everything but the top level is flooded. The water is this pure inky green that goes forever, since it is loaded with arsenic. The tunnels are really tiny and tight - they didn't really believe in shoulder room then. Those miners must have lived in hell back then. Kutna Hora's cathedral is pretty beautiful too, I got some great photographs of it.

And the beer was cheaper there than in Prague! About 70 cents a beer (Canadian) instead of the 80 cents they charged in Prague... Oh, the savings.
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So this is not a post about sex then?
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