like Cube turned inside out
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The Dark Room is one of the best puzzles I've seen in a long time. (Flash, via Little Fluffy.)
posted by squidlarkin (15 comments total)
I was only the 2,443rd person to beat it! ...with hints.
posted by squidlarkin at 11:37 PM on December 20, 2004

On the one hand: gorgeous.

On the other hand: jesus fuck, why can't anyone create fun puzzles without hiding them behind elaborate graphics anymore? The whole thing gave me a headache and I gave up in minutes.

Give me a King's Quest any day. I hate having these things as my only substitute for the good solid adventure games I was raised on.
posted by Epenthesis at 11:56 PM on December 20, 2004

Neat find. Can't get the red room, though, despite all the hints.
posted by ontic at 12:41 AM on December 21, 2004

Thanks, squidlarkin. I love this... Going to try to make it all the way through with no hints (see you next year!).

(I ♥ the purty, tough games.)
posted by taz at 2:25 AM on December 21, 2004

It's magically delicious!
posted by WolfDaddy at 3:36 AM on December 21, 2004

Beautiful graphics. Gameplay is a little obtuse, though (or is it just me that's obtuse?)

I figured out the purple "room", but the others are a challenge indeed.
posted by zardoz at 3:55 AM on December 21, 2004

I'm far from winning, but it's lots of fun!
posted by kamylyon at 4:53 AM on December 21, 2004

Might be fun if the interface didn't suck so much. Spinny bendy twisty ugh.
posted by Mwongozi at 6:11 AM on December 21, 2004

It's really nice to look at but there's no real sense of satisfaction when you win. I still enjoyed it, though.
posted by Nedroid at 6:43 AM on December 21, 2004

Hints? I'm looking at an abstract cube with various red circles on it with some kind of derivative William Orbit ominous soundtrack playing in the background. It's like Tron or something. I'm scared ... hold me.
posted by user92371 at 7:24 AM on December 21, 2004

W00t! Figured it out. Only used hints for the last room (sadly).
posted by psychotic_venom at 10:22 AM on December 21, 2004

I've played Archipelago before, and needed some serious hints to get through it all. Dark Room looks cool; I'll have to find some time tonight to try it out.
posted by jazon at 10:43 AM on December 21, 2004

are we in a room or outside of a cube? i know perspective is hard, but this room is pretty mcescheresque. from the floor it looks like we're inside. from the ceiling, it looks like we're outside.

i assume i have to stop the fan and escape through the air duct, but all i can do is click on the two buttons and hear them go "wah." maybe it's just my monitor. i can barely see the orange and pink lines (do i need to drag something onto them?)

posted by mrgrimm at 10:49 AM on December 21, 2004

Dunno if this is older or newer, but it seems to be a similar concept...

I kinda like this even though there's no fancy 3D animation.
posted by Tikirific at 11:24 AM on December 21, 2004

Ontic, the red room is to die for.
posted by Ironwolf at 3:14 AM on December 22, 2004

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