Charm city in ruins ...
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Baltimore ghosts: a methodical, obsessive and beautiful (the photos, anyway) addition to the modern ruins genre - the essays on the Lutheran Hospital and the Bay Shore Shuttle are especially interesting.
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This is pretty cool. I'm half expecting to see Avon and D'Angelo hanging out on the corner here.

If you've ever been to the Inner Harbor, it's really obvious how the planners designed it to obscure most of old Balmer from the commercial/tourist area.
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From one of the pages
(streetcars...)Much dismissed as a slow moving nuissance to automobiles, the city's streetcar system, which began in 1859, was electrified beginning about 1890, and was abandoned by late 1963 moved large numbers of people about the bustling city with unparrallled efficiency. Many artifacts of this impressive system remain intact today, offering a glimpse into this people mover of the past.
The fate of efficient, mass public transportation in North America is a sad tale.

Very interesting, and timely, link. I have an opportunity to be in Baltimore between the 12th and 16th of this month (conference). I've never been there before, and know very little about it. This gives me a few things to keep my eye out for if/when I'm out and about.
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I love these kinds of sites and had somehow missed this one. Thanks ryanshepard.
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You're trolling me, aren't you.
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^^ enigmatic comment award ^^
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If you are in Baltimore (the center of the hon-belt, rhymes with sun-belt), make sure you go to a diner and get some scrapple for breakfast (greasy, green-gray squares of heaven). And of course a soft-crab sandwich for lunch.
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soft-crab sandwich = Johnny Dee's.
*makes Homer Simpson sound*
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Cool site, thanks! I recently moved to Baltimore from the Left Coast and am still enamored with all there is to discover here.
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I can't find Scrapple anywhere around here. I'm thinking of asking for a "care package".
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