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A student asked the Master, "What is the nature of the Unofficial Daria Movie Rumor Page?" The Master repiled, "The Page is a long, confusing story told backwards. It is lies and half-truths, yet it is the greater truth. It is a mirror, a puppet show, a morality tale, a fiction which is real life, an homage yet the reverse of an homage. It is the future, set in the present, retelling the past. It is the present, set in the present, retelling the present." The student said, "Huh?" The Master continued, "If all else fails, look at the very bottom of the Page, past the links and the Web rings." The student, not understanding, did as the Master told him. It was then that he was enlightened.
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A student had worldly thoughts and asked, "Where can I find nude pictures of Christina Ricci?"

The Master said, "As of the writing of this koan, Christina Ricci has never been nude in any movie or published photographs."

The student exclaimed, "What a tragedy, for it must certainly be a magnificent sight of which she deprives the world! Must I then give up my worldly thoughts to ponder only the eternal?"

Hahaha... this site is just crazy...
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Last updated: 03/28/00
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The Master said, "As of the writing of this koan, Christina Ricci has never been nude in any movie or published photographs."

*ahem...* (SFW)
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I will rent it IMMEDIATELY
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I don't believe it's been released, buried.
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Seen it. Magnificent, yes.
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If you must, buriednexttoyou, stills and screencaps are easily available in the less savory portions of the internets.
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This is merely the tiniest drop in the mighty ocean that is Daria fan fiction.

Confession: several years ago, for no very good reason, I discovered the internet world of Daria fandom and began regularly visiting it. Many, many fanfic sites, at least three message boards, in which Daria trivia was hashed out and new episodes were discussed excitedly. I was impressed that this small show that MTV was putting when they felt like it, almost as an afterthought, was generating Buffy or Star Trek level fan passion -- passion most expressed in fanfic, where many writers seemed to be working out their high school issues through these characters. Fanfic that could be funny or serious, and which included horror, love stories, science fiction, DeGrassi-style issue stories, and of course, crossovers.

Eventually, the stories began to generate more discussion than the show, especially in the final seasons, when the show fell off considerably (the boyfriend they gave Daria was not popular among fans, many of whom had Trent fixations). Not Daria is gone, but apparently Daria fanfic writers are still carrying the characters forward. (if you want, see also, which I will not bother linking to)
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They gave Daria a boyfriend? Isn't that like letting Charlie Brown actually kick the football? Or more aptly, having him go steady with the Little Red-Haired Girl?
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Not only did they give her a boyfriend, but she pretty much stole him from Claire.
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My best friend in high school lived on Trent Lane. To me, this remains awesome.
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i still can't get over the bad casting for this. jennifer love hewitt as daria? wtf?
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The last season or so of Daria went from being a show with some incisive commentary and humor to being, well, a soap opera.
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I'll bet Sarah Vowell would make a good Daria - not that anyone asked me or anything. (she was v.o. Violet in the incredibles)
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eww, no. sarah vowell is le stink. she reminds me of a baby in a high chair who thinks everything outside of her eggers-approved candy diet is stinky. ew, ew, ew.
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*looks guilty* I'm one of those hard core Daria fans, though I've fallen off the fanfic. I even know the guy that wrote that page - and there was much debate (and disgust) over the "casting"...
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true. la ricci is not fit to lick the boots of the ever-perfect jane lane.
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