Victorian Robots and other Mechanical Men
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A history of robots in the Victorian era, featuring Boilerplate, the mechanical marvel of the 19th century.
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Coincidence? Or part of the mounting robot conspiracy to kill all humans?
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dang it! I did a search for the URL and nothing showed up. It is from over three years ago, though. Am I forgiven?
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See also here.

And for all those interested in old robots, allow me to recommend the book Living Dolls: A Magical History Of The Quest For Mechanical Life.

On preview: I see interrobang beat me to it. I can't speak for everyone, BuddhaInABucket, but for what it's worth, I forgive you.
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It is from over three years ago, though.

*double clank*, from just over a year ago. But hey, why not forgive and forget? Isn't that what Christmas is all ab. . . oh, wait.
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Wow, I host this site. I get to witness first hand the metafilter effect. Hooray!

[I'm logging your IPs]
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Victorian Era robots are so 19th century.
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This site is hilarious and fabulous. This shot in particular looks straight off a Dr. Who DVD box but stands on it's own as well.
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Wonderful. In one of my classes I distribute a website evaluation form and send each student to a different hoax website without telling them what it is. Then they report back to the class. It is a fun project and leaves them deeply suspicious of everything on the web.
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Here's another good article about Boilerplate and Paul Guinan.
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I remember reading Living Dolls about a year and a half ago. Very interesting look on the connections between artificial life and the sometimes disturbing connection between inventors and their "creations". A quote from Edison in the book: "Saw a woman get into a car that was so tall and frightfully thin as well as dried up that my mechanical mind at once conceived the idea that it would be the proper thing to run a lancet into her arm and knee joints and insert automatic self-feeding oil cups to diminish creaking when she walked." Then there are "cheaters" like The Turk.
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