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Fat Truckers Union is just one of 35 sites hosted by Alkem foundation. While at F.T.U. don't miss The Golden Age by scrolling right and set aside 8 hours to play the flash game. Bridgeport seems to be a band that plays in livingrooms. I'm not sure what GPI is other than it has a lot of small print. (contains flash, shockwave, sound and a few other things i don't know what they are.)
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(All together now, scrollllllllll to the right.... ) What a busy design.

Like the music, though.
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I've left the truck in the game cruising at 47 mph. It's gone 13 miles so far. Not exactly thrill-packed, but it's kind of comforting sitting there in its own little window.
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Playin Highway Hauler. I'm taking little white pills, and my eyes are open wide. I just passed a Jimmy and a White. I've been passin' everything in sight.
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The alkem foundation seems to be pretty cool, though.
"Welcome to the Alkem Foundation. We are a small non-profit endeavor, organized with the purpose to provide free Web-space to artists and visionaries that share our vision of altruism and benevolence."
Their list of hosted sites is pretty good sized and some of them look like they might be interesting. But at any rate, it's nice to see a little benevolence in action.
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I've got the Highway Hauler game beat. At first, I was going to write a script to play the game for me, just like the device in the Simpsons. But then I learned that would not be necessary. You see, the truck does not have a theoretical top speed. Start out straddling the double-white line. Then hold the right arrow until the cops start chasing you. Simply block the cop car or broadside it and it will drop back. If you don't stop accelerating, you should soon be going 200 mph, and no one will be able to keep up with you. Now, you can stop for gas later, using the same method to bar the cops from pulling you over and then to pull out again. But you don't have to stop for gas if you don't want. If you really want to be sneaky, you can right click and then check and uncheck "Play" on the Flash menu. It will restart you with the same new fuel but you will have the same starting speed and mileage. Lather, rinse, repeat. I got my truck up to 1066 (the Battle of Hastings!) before I slowed. I have not yet completed the game because I keep getting interrupted by customers, but oh well.

This is what happens when they make me come into work when my back is out.
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