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Slashdot, meet Greendot.
posted by veruca (3 comments total)
Man... and I thought the Green Party's site was ugly.

posted by silusGROK at 12:42 PM on October 26, 2000

Oh piffle, Slashdot moderation is entirely harmless. Your post is still there, isn't it? Disappointed that you didn't get the public soapbox you wanted? That's what Metafilter is for (*cough* look the other way citizen *ahem*)

Real moderation would result in an escalating series of savage beatings, to culminate in humiliating public torture and execution.
posted by aramaic at 1:23 PM on October 26, 2000

Oh, I certainly agree that Slashdot's moderation encourages groupthink (I like the K5 model more). Dissenting opinions gradually vanish, unless they're popular among a sufficiently large subset of the population.

However, all moderation is inherently groupthink. There's no way around that. And, unfortunately, moderation is necessary on most sites (witness what happened to K5).

Again: by it's very nature, moderation *is* groupthink. Moderation without groupthink is tyranny -- which do you prefer?

Moreover, groupthink is everywhere -- even here -- and the definition of "decent writing" depends on the local group consensus. A bunch of Slashdot readers clearly decided you weren't producing "decent" writing. You may disagree, but that's their perogative. And, as someone with 100 karma, you could have chosen to mod down anyone you liked as well.

...besides which, if it weren't for the weirdo Slashdot mod system, we wouldn't have K5....
posted by aramaic at 10:42 AM on October 27, 2000

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