July 16, 1999
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I was just thinking that it would be really funny if the Recording Industry Association of America decided to photocopy this book and give it away, just to get back at Justin Frankel.
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Books about computer files seem a little odd to me. Akin to radio programs about television shows or songs about chapters of a book. I know it's very common for this type of thing but my opinion is that if you want to learn about something; the hands on approach works better. Did you like how I was able to use the word "akin"? Yeah, well... I probably didn't use it right. okay.
posted by the_ill_gino at 6:23 PM on April 6, 2001

a photocopied version of Mp3 Power! might have reached a more literate audience:

"The best mp3 book I've ever red. Very complete"
- A reader from Canada

"It's not technical book. There is not any explanation about the mp3 format. Too much verbose."
- A reader from Bologna, Italy

"Your contributions to the internet is welcomed and encouraged. Please continue and we all

Thank you in advance for taking the time to participate in the ongoing development of the internet's best tools"
- A reader from mexico city, mexico
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