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404 Research Lab. Not that I'm sorry for the double post, but I was inspired by this 404 and went searching for some more. Some of them are funny, some let you play games, some are just creepy. What's everyone else's favorites?
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I forgot about that one crash, good one.
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Interview with Plinko's Jenni, conducted by a SpoFite.
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I still fecking love Chuck's 404. Careful, now ...
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I ran across this one today, and was so amused I actually thought about making a MeFi post about 404 pages.

Now I don't have to!
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4 0 4
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This boat will not inflate since some cretin put a hole in it.

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page404 of course :P
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Is that Jakob Nielsen?
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click harder

# Internet performance can be improved by issuing the verbal command 'Come on, come on' to your monitor. Sophisticated sound equipment in your PC will respond to many phrases, including some mild profanity.

# Rapid side-to-side movement of your mouse, followed by four sharp raps on your desk is known to cause Windows to
re-prioritise your Internet session and allocate more CPU cycles to hardware response functions.

sadly, I can relate to both of these.
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As a followup link from the "are" link...

Zombo.com is AWESOME!! You can do ANYTHING there!!
(turn up your sound)
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Tell me you didn't just link zombo.com.

Did you just log on to the IntarWeb this morning?
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Heh, I thought it was funny...

And it IS post related and, er... on topic...

Now leave me alone, I just found this cool dancing baby link...
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I like this 404, but I regret the influence that IIS' idiotic 404 has had on 404 style. Thank goodness mefi has such a nice ColdFusion one.
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They removed the 404 I did from their database :(
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You like me, you really like me!
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Illuminated Order of 404
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