Paper Snowflake Patterns
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Paper Snowflake Patterns We've all had hours of joyous fun making virtual snowflakes, but Dave here has made some that you can print and cut out and stick up on the wall.
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Speaking of make-your-own snowflakes, I recently encountered this fascinating website on snowflakes, snowflake physics, and designer snowflakes.
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There's no need to start with a hexagonal paper or follow a pattern. Simply fold a piece of paper in half (tracing paper works well), mark the fold about halfway along its length, and make the next fold so that this mark forms a vertex with the two pie-shapes dividing a 120 degree shape into two equal (60 degree) angles. Fold the part that isn't overlapped backwards to line up all edges, and you have what looks like a flat, 60-degree stealth airplane. Cut off the tail feathers. You can then generously cut the center of the "V" out at random using scissors and paper punches. You can also cut out bits of the folds, but leave enough to hold the flake together. Don't try to be neat; the symmetry will happen as a result of the folds. You'll get two different sets of three points (the so-called triangular snowflakes in hattifattener's link). For six equal points, fold the paper once more, and cut out one edge, leaving the other as a point. It's so much more fun when each one is a mystery until it's opened.

For a snowflake stencil, repeat the folding, but cut out the areas you left uncut in the first design, so you end up with a template for silk-screening, sponging, or spray painting cards.
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